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We understand your medical staff is comprised of the most highly qualified professionals available. And we understand that you probably get together annually to discuss and practice emergency response.

But we both know that in-house training is far less effective than training provided by an outside observer. Your team members work together regularly and have established relationships that may prevent constructive criticism, a sense of urgency to attend, or maybe at the end of the day you all spent more time talking than doing – all of these are antagonistic to preparing a multi-disciplined sports medicine team.

Our instructors are well versed in providing constructive criticism, motivation, and critical thinking that enhances training while respecting the autonomy of the health care providers they are working with.

Since 1995 SMC has been providing the motivation and training environment that has been demonstrated to significantly improve the delivery of pre-hospital critical care for even the most skilled and organized medical teams.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to help your team become Better Prepared to Respond Flawlessly™ During Sports’ Worst Moments™.

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