Sports Emergency Care White Paper Webinar Sessions

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Sports Emergency Care White Paper Webinar Sessions

Our knowledge base is grounded in practical information gained by practicing sports health care professionals who get their hands dirty every night on the sidelines, courts, and playing fields.  We tap into this expertise to put peer-reviewed literature and expert opinion to the test during our true-to-life Situational Scenario tests.  The outcomes of these tests are used to develop and improve on-field management strategies and provide guidance for future research.  Our Sports Emergency Care White Paper Webinar Sessions are intended to help disseminate the practical information we gain in a manner that helps improve the quality of care provided during management of potentially critically injured athletes.

Our Sports Emergency Care White Paper Webinar are hosted from 1-2pm EST the last Monday of each month, September through May.  All sessions are free and offer 1 hr of post-professional continuing education credit.

Here is a peek at our 2014-2015 Sports Emergency Care White Paper Sessions Schedule

  • Monday September 22, 1014:  What’s in Your Emergency Kit?
  • Monday October 27, 2014:  Review of SMC on-field neuro assessment algorithm and proper packaging for transport of a football player
  • Monday November 24, 2014:  Concussion vs. Hematoma: Differential Dx
  • Monday December 22, 2014 Airway Management Review
  • Monday January 26, 2015:  Sideline Cardiac Assessment
  • Monday February 23, 2015:  Sickle Cell Protocols
  • Monday March 30, 2015: Commotio Cordis
  • Monday April 27, 2015:  Asthma Protocols
  • Monday May 22, 2015:  Exertional Heat Protocols (Please note schedule change as this session is on the 3rd Monday of the month rather than the usual 4th Monday).

*Schedule subject to change without notice.

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