New and Improved to Help You Stay Prepared to Respond Flawlessly During Sports’ Worst Moments!

We have designed our new site using an interactive magazine format.  This allows us to better communicate important topics and information to help our colleagues become better prepared to Respond Flawlessly during sports’ worst moments.

In the coming weeks we will be adding the following content:

  • White Paper:  Sports-Related Concussion or Hematoma: On-Field Differential Diagnosis!
  • FMxtractor: Individual face mask removal video segments detailing techniques for each style of football helmet!
  • New content for the Resources area!

Be sure to click the follow link to receive alerts when this content is added.  Rest assured.  As always, we do not ever retweet, re-post, forward, or otherwise blast infromation that will fill your inbox or walls with useless information.  Only information that directly impacts our profession’s ability to provide better critical care during sports emergencies will ever come from Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.  Check out some recent posts to see what kind of pertinent infromation you can expect from SMC.

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