SMC Research Earns JAT Top Honor

CrashResearch conducted by Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc., in conjunction with Shriner’s Hospital and Mercyhurst University has been honored by the Journal of Athletic Training.  “Cervical spine motion during football equipment-removal protocols: a challenge to the all-or-nothing endeavor” has been selected as the winner of the Journal of Athletic Training Kenneth L. Knight Award for the Outstanding Research Manuscript.  According to author Mike Cendoma, MS, ATC, SMC Program Director, the study validates what has been a long held fundamental belief among SMC staff; that following the all-or-non endeavor as a rule can significantly delay completion of critical care task during management of a critically injured athlete.  Author Dustin Bruening, PhD of Shriners’ Hospital, believes the award is attributable to the unique design of the study that set out to answer a very specific and impactful question.  The award will be presented to lead author and Mercyhurst University Athletic Training Chair, Brad Jacobson on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 during the Distinguished Scholar Presentations as part of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s annual meeting in St. Louis, MO.

JAT. 2014;49(1):42-48

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