This Promises to be a Great Webinar!

A7S5 Snapshot

To say that I am ecstatic about our upcoming Sports Emergency Care White Paper Session is an understatement!  SMC will host an unprecedented panel of experts to discuss the NATA’s inter-association task force guidelines pertaining to management of the equipment-laden athlete, the AHA Chain of Survival, and what they mean to athletic trainer negligent liability.

Our panel will include:

  • Dr. Erik Swartz, Inter-Association Task Force Chair, who will discuss the state of the NATA task force;
  • Damon Mitchell, LA Chargers AT, representing the NFL perspective;
  • Darryl Conway, UN Michigan AT, representing the big college perspective;
  • Phil Steckley, Nazareth College AT, representing the small college perspective;
  • Lynette Carlson, TN Sports Med Solutions, representing the secondary school perspective;
  • Jason Emmel, NY Jets/NY Giants Paramedic, representing the ACLS perspective;
  • Peter Bonadonna, Monroe County Paramedic, representing the ACLS perspective.

Don’t miss it!  Register Now!

Its only $15 and nets you invaluable insight and 1 hr of BOC CAT A credit. 


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