SMC’s Staff Receives ACLS Certification


Sports Medicine Concepts’ Sports Emergency Care Simulation Lab
Livonia, NY

Sports Medicine Concepts’ In 2Min or Less! staff received 2 days of specialized Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification and sports emergency simulation training this past week in the company’s SEC Simulation Lab.  The training required all SMC athletic trainers to pass the AHA ACLS certification test that includes leading a MEGA code.  According to SMC Program Director, Mike Cendoma, having all instructors ACLS Certified is a priority because it allows instructors to better facilitate the coordination of a multi-disciplined medical response team and ensures that all medical teams are able to meet ACLS benchmarks throughout the entire chain of survival.  SMC’s In 2Min or Less! staff has always been comprised the most highly qualified professionals.  Annual ACLS Certification and simulation training is just another qualification that further solidifies SMC’s position as the premier provider of elite sports emergency care training.

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