E-Care Supplemental Content Support Program Returns

We hope that you have been able to take advantage of Sports Medicine Concepts’ Free distance-based E-Care Training sessions looking at SMC’s Critical Care Triangle® and CABiN® assessment.

We are back at it next week as the E-Care series looks at techniques for safely aiding an athlete to the sideline, completing a progressive on-field neurological assessment, and spinal motion restriction vs. rigid immobilization!

In addition to our E-Care Supplemental Content Support Program, Sports Medicine Concepts has a number of other exciting opportunities that you should consider:

  1. In 2Min or Less!® Distance Based Simulation Training Experience.  This program is a highly effective way of completing necessary emergency response training and emergency action plan annual rehearsal activities when times do not allow us to gather together.
  2. TeamEMSoft® Sports Medicine Concepts’ Emergency Action Plan Creation and Management Platform is an easy way to create, implement, and manage a best practice EAP program for your entire athletic program.  It’s a great time to get started making sure your EAP is better than ever and ready to go when we finally get to hear the whistle again! 

If you are interested to get started, now is the perfect time! Just Contact Us to get started!

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