ATEP Programming

Athletic training educators have the daunting task of preparing the next generation of athletic trainers to be ready to represent the profession on day one as an entry-level athletic trainer.  The sheer vastness of information and competencies that must be provided during the academic preparation of student athletic trainers challenges educators to provide students with more than entry-level competencies.  But when it comes to emergency response preparation there is no room for on-the-job training.  An athletic trainer’s critical care skills must meet the highest professional best-practice standards of care from day one.  The In 2Min or Less!® ATEP Program is designed to help athletic training program educators and preceptors ensure students are prepared to meet current professional best practice emergency response standards during team assignments, clinical rotations, and when they begin representing the athletic training profession as entry-level athletic trainers.

The In 2Minutes or Less!® ATEP curriculum includes a complete audit that ensures compliance with all best practice EAP standards, NATA AT education competencies, and CAATE professional standards.  Each host, student, and preceptor is also provided an ancillary EAP reference guide to steer future educational activities and support EAP development when students begin their professional practice.

ATEP Program Brochure