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CMSWe have just a few seats left in our Fall 2017 On-Line Concussion Management Specialist training!

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Don’t forget!  Tomorrow starts our 2017-2018 Info Friday Segments.  Tomorrow we will unveil our new Record of Perceived Safe Handling (RPHS) index that we will be using to assess all the products, protocols, and techniques we review this year.  Don’t miss it.  We will follow-up in very short order with our reviews of the Simpson SG and Riddell Precision Fit Flex football helmets.  Be sure to Subscribe on YouTube to be notified when this content becomes available.

White Paper Sessions Schedule

in2minsorlessOn-point sports emergency care discussions that only SMC can provide because each is a direct reflection of our work training with leading medical experts throughout the country during In 2Min or Less!® programming. Each month we offer another topic in an interactive and engaging live webinar format.  SMC White Papers are a perfect way to improve your preparedness and get a CEU boost before the end of the reporting period.

Check Out the 2017-2018 Calendar and Register for as many as you would like through Sept 10, 2017 for only $10ea!  Use Discount Code: SMCWPS (excludes recorded sessions).

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Info Friday Segments Resume This Month

in2minsorlessOur Info Friday YouTube series resumes next Friday with a review of the Riddell Custom Flex and Simpson football helmets.  Learn more at and be sure to Subscribe to learn when content becomes available.

Inexpensive Heat Illness Protocol

in2minsorlessTomorrow begins our new Information Friday series on YouTube.  In this segment SMC Program Director Mike Cendoma reviews a simple, inexpensive, yet very effective Heat Illness Kit as part of a comprehensive exertional heat illness protocol he put in place this year at his high school.  Go to Sports Medicine Concepts on YouTube now to view lots of useful information and be sure to subscribe to be notified when this segment and all other new content becomes available!

Concussion Management Specialist

CMSJust an update, registration is now open for the fall online session!

The session is scheduled from September 12th through the 14th and offers 15 EBP continuing education units for athletic trainers.

Attend live online sessions or complete recorded sessions at your convenience.

For more information and to register visit Sports Medicine Concepts today!

SMC Red Kits Now Available For Purchase!!!!

We are pleased to announce that the famous SMC Red Kit is now available for purchase! 

The SMC Red Kit is the same kit used in SMC’s Emergency Response Training Sessions and has always sparked interest from participants. The kit includes many essential pieces of emergency response equipment all bundled neatly into a convenient and manageable tote. You can now visit our website and purchase a Red Kit of your very own! For more information about what’s inside the Red Kit or to submit an order, visit the link below:


Educator Pricing on FMxtractor Essentials and Free Emergency Response Educational Videos

102_2020You know that Sports Medicine Concepts is dedicated to emergency response preparation, but did you know that we have a growing library of FREE educational material to help you teach your students emergency response essentials? And, we provide educator discount pricing on FMxtractor® essentials to make it easier to ensure your students are prepared to meet best practice standards!

youtubeVisit us today on YouTube for FREE FMx® video shorts that are broken down by helmet and attachment system.  There are also many other FREE emergency response educational videos there for educators are well, including all of our past season’s Emergency Care White Papers and Informative Friday segments.  Please take advantage and let us know what else you would like to see.  And be sure to Subscribe to be notified when new content becomes available.

Educator Pricing available on the FMx3®, Blade Replacement Kits, and Blade/End-Effector Protective Covers.

Email or Reply Below Today For Pricing!

Cardiac Screening Program

A local high school is considering adding the following program to its pre-participation screening.  The high school AD contacted us to inquire about the program.  We are curious to know if any of our colleagues might have had any experience or knowledge about the program that would be helpful in deciding to offer the program.  The brochure is attached to this post.

Thanks in advance.

AT Brochure



Actionable EAP Notice from SMC

teamemsoft-2Check your epi-pens today! Recall details below:
Mylan Provides Update on Meridian Medical Technologies’, a Pfizer Company, Expanded Voluntary Worldwide Recall of EpiPen®Auto-Injector