Certifications Offered

Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc

Presently there are 3 unique certifications that you may earn through SMC.  Note the emphasis on earn.  Certifications obtained through SMC require much more than simply reading a monograph and taking a written test.  If you are serious about wanting to obtain a greater practical knowledge base regarding sports emergency care and concussion management, then we welcome you to look at our programming.  If you are satisfied with video tapes, DVDs, and monographs, then our programming is not for you.  Completion of SMC programming is rigorous and challenging, but it is also very satisfying.  Our program leads to a 1 year certification that indicates that you have successfully completed the cognitive and psychomotor skills components of our programming.  Update courses are also offered to keep your certification up-to-date and your knowledge current.  SMC is also approved by the Board of Certification to offer continuing education to certified athletic trainers.

Currently SMC offers the following certification programs:

  1. Sports Emergency Care Specialist (SECS®)
  2. Concussion Management Specialist (CMS®)
  3. Certified Concussion Clinic (CCC®)

Click on the program you are interested in for details and to learn how to begin your training.