Certified Concussion Clinic

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Part of the SMC |FLAWLESS| Suite of Services

The SMC Certified Concussion Clinic certifies clinics, not individuals. The goal of this program is to help facilities develop a service that is dedicated to sound and thorough concussion management practices. Through a series of webinars, on-line meetings, live on-line learning labs, and directed activities, SMC will shepherd concussion management team personnel through a series of toll gates progressing toward the implementation of a comprehensive concussion management policy.  The program has been designed around SMC’s model concussion clinic project that ultimately resulted in the organization of the Concussion Management Specialists, PLLC and its model concussion clinics.  After completion of the program all copyrighted materials, assessment batteries, and strategies are provided for your clinic’s use.  In addition, all staff members receive SMC’s Concussion Management Specialist® certification.  Each of the CCC progress tollgates are listed below.

  1. Development of a concussion management team
  2. Development of a working definition of concussion
  3. Assessment strategies
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Effective medical referral and communication
  6. Straight forward return to play decision-making
  7. Establishing an effective multi-disciplined approach to concussion management
  8. Prevention and awareness programming
  9. Policy implementation strategies
  10. Emergency action planning
  11. Return on investment

**Before initiating, please be advised that this program is a serious undertaking.  SMC is dedicated to maintaining the |FLAWLESS| nature of this program, both in content and delivery.  We expect the same dedication from those who undertake the challenge of becoming a SMC Certified Concussion Clinic.**

Please complete the form below for more information.  A SMC representative will contact you to discuss this opportunity.