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The Concussion Management Specialist (CMS®) certificate is earned by completing the curriculum outlined below.  As with all SMC programming, this is a serious educational curriculum intended to elevate the standards of care provided by sports health care professionals.  It is, therefore, an advanced program of study that goes far beyond other simple home study style programming.  The program is completed through a series of scheduled live and recorded webinars, completion of assignments, and a final review.  SMC is approved to offer 15 EBP category continuing education for athletic trainers so participants will receive continuing education credits as well as the CMS® Certificate.

  • Next Session: Monday December 3 – Thursday December 6, 2018
    Sessions run 11-12:30am EST daily.  Participants are encouraged to login to each session 15 min early.  The last 30 min or so of each session is reserved for optional Q&A and programming questions.

***If these session times are not convenient, you may opt to review session recordings which become available for viewing at your leisure 24 hours after session conclusion.  Participants who intend to review session recordings must inform the program instructor of the intent to do so upon registration.

Registration for this program is now open. Register early.  Only 50 seats per session.

Registration Fee: $399.99
See CMS Certificate Program Sample Syllabus for program details.


The CMS® curriculum is designed to provide health care professionals with a practically based program of study with the following objectives:

  1. Provide a thorough understanding of the mechanical forces and mechanisms of injury resulting in sports-related concussion injury;
  2. Establish a higher standard of care for on-field management of sports-related concussions;
  3. Explain the pathophysiology and origins of signs and symptoms of sports-related concussions;
  4. Demonstrate a thorough yet practical on-field assessment strategy;
  5. Understand how HIPPA and FERPA apply to the sports medicine setting;
  6. Provide information to help differentiate potential acute hematoma from a sports-related concussion;
  7. Provide a thorough clinical assessment battery,
  8. Demonstrate balance and vestibular assessment and clinical rehabilitation techniques;
  9. Examine clinical rehabilitation techniques and their relationship to post-concussion syndrome;
  10. Identify concussion modifying conditions resulting in protracted recovery, and discuss how to mediate these conditions;
  11. Identify potential pharmaceutical drug interactions that may complicate recovery from sports-related concussion;
  12. Establish thorough yet practical return to play criteria;
  13. Discuss concepts pertaining to equipment and technique that may prevent future injury;
  14. Discuss educational and awareness efforts that provide a realistic view of the nature of concussions;
  15. Examine the components of a successful return-to-learn protocol and the role of a Section 504.

The Curriculum (15 hours total)

Successful candidates will complete the following:

  1. 4 live one-hour webinar sessions involving interactive polling and a post-webinar examination (4 hrs);
  2. 3 pre-recorded 1 hr webinar sessions (3 hrs);
  3. Review of peer-reviewed scholarship (3 hrs);
  4. Completion of 3 open content review quizzes;
  5. Completion of one case study write-up or completion of required essays (4hrs);
  6. Review of case study / essays with instructor (1 hr);
  7. Submission of final application.

All requirements must be completed within 30 days of last program session.  When all requirements are fulfilled candidates may complete the final application and request for credentialing.  Successful candidates will then receive a CMS Certificate and certification card indicating successful completion of the program.

Registration Fee:  $399.99. 


Space is limited to first 50 registrants per session.  Includes program of study, CMS® Certificate, 15 EBP Category BOC CEUs, All required program and reference materials.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

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