The 2019 FMxtractor

|Insurance| Benefits of the FMx4®

FMx Product Shot_Alt

  • Efficient removal of ANY football helmet face-mask to provide Lifesaving Airway Management
  • Rapidly remove barriers to thoracic access and Lifesaving CPR and Defibrillation
  • Quickly remove obstacles to proper IV placement
  • Easily remove uniforms, tape, braces,cleats,and other protective athletic equipment that is a hindrance to providing Critical Care for Extremity Injuries

Features of the FMx4

End-Effectors specifically designed to designed to disengage Riddell’s QR and Schutt’s QT face mask attachment systems!

FMx Cutting_edit

Dual stage ratchet compensates for small hands while cleaver blade makes cutting fasteners easier!

FMx Safety Cutter_edit

Rescue cutter easily slices through uniforms, common protective equipment materials, shoes, laces, and clothing!

FMx Ox_Tank

Oxygen tank wrench to start the flow of oxygen!

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