Snapshot 8 (10-27-2014 12-43 PM)Immediate Airway Access Every Time with ONE Tool

Only with the FMxtractor®

Mission Statement: To Make Sure Every Athletic Trainer Has An FMx3® In Their Emergency Kit and The Skills Required To Respond Flawlessly™ During Sports’ Worst Moment.

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Benefits of the FMxtractor®

You KNOW It’s Going to Work, Every Time

Field tested and approved by the county’s most elite medical teams, including those in the NFL, and validated by years of peer-review literature.  You can be free to think about other critical care tasks knowing that accessing the injured athlete’s airway is a given.

Speed fastener close-upRelease Modern Attachment Systems or Cut Through Fasteners to Provide Lifesaving Airway Management

The FMx3® is the only all-in-one tool that can help you access ANY football player’s airway in 30 Seconds!

Wiping bladeLow Maintenance, Built to Last

Patented special alloy steel blade designed to maintain razor sharpness, remain field-ready, and replaceable within 30 seconds.  Exceeds ISO 9000 quality manufacturing standards and is 100% Guaranteed by Sports Medicine Concepts, the company elite medical teams have turned to since 1995.


Confident ATs Become Competent Lifesaving  ATs

On-line instruction provided by Sports Medicine Concepts helps ensure that you get all the benefits of the FMx3®, and that you are ready to Respond Flawlessly during sports’ worst moments.

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