The FMxtractor

|Insurance| Benefits of the FMx4®

  • Efficient removal of ANY football helmet face-mask to provide Lifesaving Airway Management
  • Rapidly remove barriers to thoracic access and Lifesaving CPR and Defibrillation
  • Quickly remove obstacles to proper IV placement
  • Easily remove uniforms, tape, braces,cleats,and other protective athletic equipment that is a hindrance to providing Critical Care for Extremity Injuries

Features of the FMx4

End-Effectors specifically designed to designed to disengage Riddell’s QR and Schutt’s QT face mask attachment systems!

Dual stage ratchet compensates for small hands while cleaver blade makes cutting fasteners easier!

Rescue cutter easily slices through uniforms, common protective equipment materials, shoes, laces, and clothing!

Oxygen tank wrench to start the flow of oxygen!

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