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Where do I find replacement blades for the FMx3?
Please visit one of our Official Suppliers to order your replacement blade kits.  Replacement blade kits contain 3 Cleaver-style blades and a changing wrench.

How do I take advantage of the FREE on-line education?
FMx3® units come complete with on-line educational programming to help you integrate the FMx3™ into an efficient and effective emergency action plan. This programming is delivered viaa series of instructional videos delivered through our YouTube channel.  To take advantage of this offer, visit our YouTube channel and watch all the entire FMx® video series.  When you have completed the series email the contact form requesting the FMx® educational survey.  Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a certificate of completion via email.

The cresent blade broke with the first use.
The cresent style blade that were standard on the FMx2 was designed for use on standard loop strap fasteners, the style typically found on older traditional helmets.  The cresent blade will not hold up to the forces required to cut through the more modern fasteners.  The FMx3 now comes standard with a more robust replaceable friction-reducing cleaver blade.  Visit our FMx3 Official Suppliers to order a blade replacement kit that comes complete with 3 cleaver blades and a changing wrench.

How do I keep FMx3 blades sharp?
FMx3™ blades are extremely sharp and durable. However, they are being asked to perform a very difficult task, and like all cutting blades, there is a risk of breakage and decreased performance as they dull due to normal wear.  To optimize blade performance and increase the life of your blades keep a light coat of WD-40 or silicone lubricant on blades at all times. Re-apply lubricant to blades frequently during use. Avoid contact with helmet hardware while cutting fasteners as this will adversely affect blade performance.  We suggest a set of blades for practice and another set of blades reserved for use during emergency response.

The FMx2 locks-up when force is applied to the handles.
Please contact Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc.

What are those “things” sticking out of the handles of the FMx3?
The “things” sticking out of the base of each handle of the FMx3 are the FMx3 Ed-Effectors.  Each end-effector is specifically designed to engage the new quick relase style fastenrs designed by Schutt and Riddell.  The flat-head end-effector is for use on the Schutt Quarter-Turn systems while the knub is used to depress the buttons on the Riddell Quick-Release style fasteners.  Neither of the end-effors are designed to be use to pry fasteners from the helmet or for any other unintended use.

The handle covers of the FMx3 stick out too far, covering the end-effectors.
We leave a little extra on the foam handles to help protect the end-effectors during shipping.  Simply work the foam covers up a 1/2″ or so and the end-effectors will be adequately exposed.  If not, you may consider removing the foam handles, cutting a 1/2″ off the top of each, and sliding them back on the handles.

The Riddell Quick-Release hardware does not release using the FMx3 end-effector.
The QR systems found on Riddell helmets can be very tempremental.  Presently, the manufacturer suggests depressing the QR pins about half-way in, then gently pulling the fastener from the helmet.  Getting the most out of these fasteners definately takes some practice.

The FMx3 does not close all the way becasue the blade hits the buttress forks.
Simply insert a flat-head screw driver in between the forks and give it a gentle twist to seperate the forks so that they are about 1/4″ apart.  This will do the trick.


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