|Flawless| Suite of Products


Your staff is asked to provide a high-level of care in a very demanding and high-profile athletic environment. Only the most highly trained and capable sports health care professionals can give your organization, community, parents, and athletes the confidence that they are being cared for by an elite staff that is capable of performing the ultimate part of their job when an athlete is critically injured. With the products offered in the |Flawless| Suite, Sports Medicine Concepts respond to any critical or minor injury flawlessly.


TeamEMSoft allows athletic trainers to create and manage effective and responsive emergency action plans. With TeamEMSoft you can create, edit, and share your EAP all from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
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In 2Mins or Less!®

The In 2 Min or Less! Program has provided elite sports emergency care training for the most demanding medical teams since 1995. After completing this program you and your team will be prepared to respond Flawlessly to sports worst moments. Concise sports specific programming with high fidelity simulation will provide your team with the knowledge and confidence to respond to any sports related emergency.
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SMC’s Distance Based Simulation Experience

This program is designed to help medical teams evaluate best practice standards, develop effective emergency response procedures, and prepare for more effective hands-on simulation training.  Using SMC’s vast experience with simulation training and expansive simulation lab capabilities this program provides live stream demonstration of best practice approaches to sport specific critical injury scenarios.  Each simulation involves a live video feed as well as a feed from our patient simulator’s vital signs monitor.  Following each simulation our team conducts a live debriefing will all participants.  We will gather feedback and rerun the simulation until it meets your team’s standards.  TeamEMSoft subscribers will have their emergency action plans automatically updated using the information collected during the experience, including recordings of their training sessions for future reference and EAP review.  Complete EAP Audit and Compliance reporting services are also available.
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The SMC Academy

COMING SOON!  Look for lots of distance based learning and continuing education opportunities from Sports Medicine Concepts’ new on-line academy!

The FMxtractor®

The FMxtractor is not just the right tool for the job but it is the only tool for the job. This 3 in one tool can remove a face mask using the quarter turn or quick release end-effectors, or by cutting any football face mask attachment system on the market.  Use the safety cutter to easily cut through jerseys, braces, laces, any other barriers to immediate access needed to care for critical injuries.  Use the embedded oxygen key to open the valve of an oxygen tank an initiate oxygen therapy.
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The SMC Emergency Red Kit

The SMC Emergency Red Kit provides everything needed to provide a high level of basic life support care in the pre-hospital environment prior to the arrival of advanced life support.  The SMC Emergency Red Kit includes the same essentials used during SMC’s In 2Min or Less!® elite sports emergency care training training programs.
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Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool (EVAT)

Vital signs provide important info that can be useful in making critical care decisions; if they are properly interpreted.  SMC’s all new Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool provides a simple sideline approach for using vital signs to aid in monitoring vitals, making life-saving differential diagnosis, and providing a more vital signs record.
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