Medial Release Terms and Conditions

I hereby grant SMC all rights to the recording of my likeness or voice, electronic and/or photographic (collectively “the Recording”).

1. I understand that the term Recording means any reproductions or any likeness or voice made by any process, photographic or electronic, in black and white, or color, or any combination of the processes, along or in conjunction with other persons, or based on any additions, alteration, retouching or compositing with other reproductions of any kind;

2. I give up all rights of inspection or approval and irrevocably release SMC from all claims or demands which I may or can have on account of the use of publication of the Recording, including its use in all social media initiatives.

3. I am giving this license to SMC as a contribution.  I specifically release SMC from any obligation to pay money or otherwise perform services for this license;

4. I have the authority to agree to these terms and conditions for the submitted media;

I have read the foregoing terms and conditions before indicating accepting them, I fully understand the contents of all terms and conditions, and submit the following media to SMC under these terms and conditions.

Please send your submissions to: