In 2Min or Less! PFATS Program Information


SMC’s In 2Min or Less!® PFATS Curriculum is designed to facilitate the development of your medical team’s emergency action planning and response.  The program is not designed to attempt to tell your team what to do.  We understand that your medical team is made up of very respected and skilled medical professionals.  Our intention is to help your team better choreograph the delivery of critical care skills in the unique NFL environment.  Completion of our program will provide your team with our Readiness Certification which provides independent verification of your team’s competency, best practices EAPs, annual rehearsal training, and compliance with all NFL EAP directives.  You will have complete access to all this information through EMSoft®, our proprietary emergency action planning software that allows you to easily track all your training and practice, verify your Readiness Certification, share your EAPs, easily create, manage, and update all your venue and protocol specific EAPs, and provides enduring program materials for future reference.  Use the links below for more specific information.  Then complete the contact form below to get started with scheduling your team’s programming.


When It Matters Most, Elite Medical Professionals Relay on Sports Medicine Concepts’
In 2Min or Less!® Sports Emergency Care Training


GB PackersPFATS_Brochure

PFATS Q & A Sheet

EMSoft brochure



14 NFL Teams and Counting!
Want the scoop on our program?  We Encourage You To Ask Around:

* Denotes team that has scheduled multiple sessions
+ Teams planning another session


*+NY Jets (6 yrs and counting!)
*+NY Giants (5 yrs and counting!)
*+Dallas Cowboys*
*+GB Packers*
*+Houston Texans
*+Philadelphia Eagles
Detroit Lions
+Indianapolis Colts
+Jacksonville Jaguars
+KC Chiefs
+Miami Dolphins
+NE Patriots
+Oakland Raiders
+Tennessee Titans



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