Sport Specific Programming


Choreography, Simulation, and Performance Benchmarking

Your sports medicine team is comprised of highly skilled medical specialists who come together to provide elite care in the very demanding and high-profile athletic environment.   It is not enough to simply have specialized skills.  Your multi-disciplined medical team needs to know how to effectively choreograph their specialized skills.  The ultimate test of effective choreography is the ability to consistently meet critical care benchmarks across the entire spectrum of care during management of the critically injured athlete.   Sports Medicine Concepts’ proven process uses a unique mobile simulation practicum that incorporates the latest hi-fi patient simulators programmed with proprietary simulation scenarios that have been developed over more than 25 years of elite sports emergency care training experience.  Our simulation scenarios are sport specific and measure performance relative to accepted critical care performance standards, thereby, ensuring the highest level of preparedness.

League EAP and Training Requirements

Our proven process includes a complete emergency action plan audit procedure that ensures compliance with all league requirements and facilitates EAP submission for review by the league authorities.  Each team is also provided an ancillary rehearsal guide to steer additional rehearsal activity requirements.  The complete audit report is comprised of an EAP summary, rehearsal, equipment readiness, and competency documentation which conspire to provide our |FLAWLESS| Certification®.