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If you are a prior participant, we would love to hear from you so we can share your comments regarding your experience with our programming.  Just Leave a Reply below.  Here are a few to we recently received via email:

The course offered by Sports Medicine Concepts was extremely beneficial.  It helped us make our process more efficient and run smoother.  SMC did a great job looking at our process and helping us tweak it to make it the best it could be.

Geoff Kaplan ATC, LAT, PT, SCS, CSCS,
Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer
Houston Texans

Hey, got the below message from one of my ATs over the weekend.  Thought you might be interested in hearing some feedback on the 2min or less course.

I’m glad we had the 2 Minutes or Less practice this summer, I was (unfortunately) able to successfully put it into practice. We worked together with EMS and as ATs to make the athlete are primary focus–I’ve never had to use the skills before in a real-life situation but knowing we’d practiced it as a group, made me feel more confident and helped in the care of that athlete.  Just thought I’d let you know that some of that extra training has paid off…

Jason Pequette, MS,ATC,CSCS

Director of Sports Medicine, ATI Physical Therapy

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  1. Katie Spencer, ATC says:

    In 2 Minutes or Less™ is the best program out there to prepare athletic trainers for life-threatening situations. This past fall, I personally had an incident at a football game where I used the skills that I learned from the program to save an athlete’s life. In 2 Minutes or Less™ uses a hands-on approach to simulate emergency situations that we may encounter, and adds the pressure of completing the task in two minutes or less. I cannot thank the creators of In 2 Minutes or Less™ enough for creating a program that allows us to practice our skills as athletic trainers and builds our confidence to help an athlete that is facing a life-threatening situation.

    Katie Spencer, ATC – Outreach Athletic Trainer for ATI Physical Therapy

  2. In 2 Minutes or Less is the top program that helps Physicians, Athletic Trainers, and emergency medical personnel prepare for life threatening injuries. As an orthopaedic surgeon and head team physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I strongly encourage all staff that may be involved in sports at any level to participate in this program. While we all are comfortable with and have well defined plans to take care of common musculoskeletal injuries, it’s preparing and practicing for these rare life threatening injuries that deserves the most attention. In 2 Minutes or Less helped us define roles, work through potential problems and provided real time situational management of an athlete at risk. I look forward to working with SMC between every NFL season to keep us best prepared to manage our athletes.

    Kevin Kaplan,MD
    Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Head Team Physician Jacksonville Jaguars

  3. The following testimonial arrived today. Thought it was a good one to share:

    One of our Varsity football players suffered a concussion with cervical and thoracic spine injury. He was oddly positioned and paramedics were called to continue Care of the injury. As a result of the In 2Min or Less! program we had this summer, I had meet with all the paramedic teams in Pell City. We discussed response time, equipment removal procedures, repositioning the athlete, and every other aspect of my care as an ATC and their care as 1st responders.
    Our process for care today was fluid and pre determined. Things went well and the student was well taken care of. Thank you for providing courses like this to help in our care of the student athletes.

    M. Bibb, ATC

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