Red Kits

Now Available For Purchase!


SMC’s Famous

“Red Kit”

The Red Kit from Sports Medicine Concepts provides you with all your emergency response essentials bundled into one neat package!


The Red Kit includes the same essentials as the training kits used in SMC’s Training Programs, including the FMxtractor®!


A $350 Value!


All Red Kits include the following:
(items pictured may not represent exact products or brands)


Red Carrying Bag, Pro-Strap, Trauma Shears, Power Screwdriver, 3 Pack and Fill Towels, Quick Release Tool, Pulse Oximeter, Valved Holding Chamber, Cervical Collar, Bite Stick, Suction Pump, Non Rebreather Mask, OPA Kit, NPA, Heart Rate Monitor, Bag Valve Mask, FMxtractor®

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