Sports Medicine Concepts has programming developed to meet the specific needs of professional team medical, collegiate team medical, national and international organizations, outreach providers, and hospitals.

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About SMC Training

All SMC training programs offer interdisciplinary training that is outcome driven.  Programs include instructor-led demonstrations, psychomotor skills practice, instructor facilitated peer debriefing, and advanced simulation techniques to train medical teams to meet critical care benchmarks that are proven to affect outcomes.  Our proven process is the direct result of our on-going systematic review and pragmatic application of evidence-based principles at our elite sports emergency care training facility in Avon, NY.

Every SMC program utilizes SMC’s advanced Simulation Experience (SimEx®) SMC’s SimEx® features hi-fi patient simulators, proprietary injury scenarios, proven collaborative team debriefing strategies and years of experience producing true-to-life experiences to ensure that all medical teams and participants are prepared with an emergency action plan that is demonstrated to improve outcomes.

Meeting your Specific Training Objectives is
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SMC’s Proprietary Simulation Experience Scenarios (SimEx®)

All SMC Simulation Experience scenarios include topic overview, indications and contraindications, specific considerations, differential diagnosis, skill demonstration and practice, true-to-life simulation, and advanced debriefing. Scenarios marked with * are SMC’s Core Simulation Experience scenarios that are a part of all training modules.

BVM, OPA, NPA, Suction, 02, SGA, ETT, Airway filters

various EAI, storage and handling

MDI, nebulizers, EIA, Spacing chambers, Paradoxical  Vocal Fold Dysfunction differential diagnosis and rescue strategies, 02 and

Tourniquet, blood stopping agents/compress, blood borne pathogens and other potentially infectious material handling

Warming area design, hypothermia

Glucose meters

Football equipment removal approaches and techniques

Hockey equipment removal approaches and techniques

Lacrosse equipment removal approaches and techniques

Open fracture, splinting, reduction

BLS, ACLS, SCA, Commotio Cordis

Seizure, Status, Airway management, RSI

Classification, recognition, acute management techniques, appropriate referral criteria, clinical criteria

Recognition and administration mechanisms

SMC’s Progressive On-Field Neurological Assessment Algorithms (PONAA), Head injury differential diagnosis

Recognition and rescue strategies

Repositioning, transfer, package, transport:

LSB, Scoop Stretcher, Slide board, LR, FL, C-neutral, SI vs SMR

Repositioning, transfer, package, transport, SMI vs. SMR

Differential diagnosis (heat stroke, SCA, hypoglycemia

Pneumo/Hemothorax, Cardiac contusion, Liver, Spleen, Kidney

Use of monitors, trend analysis


On Site

SMC staff brings the mSim® Experience directly to your facility to provide an unequaled life-like training experience for your medical team.

Live Stream

Distance based simulation training is an effective means of completing medical training.  SMC’s Live Stream option delivers a rich training experience via broadcast from SMC’s Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Facility.

Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Center

Medical teams looking for fully immersive training are invited to come to the Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Facility in Avon, NY where the SMC staff can work directly with your team to meet specific training objectives.

Sports Emergency Care Training Modules

Sports Emergency Care Training


|FLAWLESS| Module includes Legacy Module training, emergency department staff training, emergency action plan audit, Certificate of Compliance, TeamProfile set-up/update for TeamEMSoft® subscribers, 8 evidence-based continuing education credits.

Sports Emergency Care Training

Legacy Module

Legacy Module training includes SMC’s Core scenarios, plus Isolated Head Trauma, Truncal Trauma with Hypotension, Bleeding Emergencies, and Fracture / Dislocation Management Auxiliary Scenarios.  Participants receive 8 evidence-based continuing education units.

Sports Emergency Care Training

Core + 4 Module

Core + 4 Module includes SMC’s Core scenarios and the option to select an additional 4 Auxiliary Scenarios.  Participants receive 8 Category A continuing education units.

Sports Emergency Care Training

Custom Module

First mSim® Live Stream or In-house simulation scenario

Sports Emergency Care Training

Core Module

The Core Module includes SMC’s Emergency Action Plan Essential Elements, High Quality CPR, Vital Signs Trending, On-Field Neurological Injury Assessment, and Athlete Safe Handling scenarios.  Participants receive 4 Category A continuing education units.

Training Program

  • Sports Emergency Care Training

    BLS Airway Management for the Professional Rescuer

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