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Sports Medicine Concepts offers an array of products and services purposely developed to offer solutions to facilitate delivery of |FLAWLESS| Emergency Response.

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SMC Products

The FMxtractor®

|Insurance| Benefits of the FMx4® Efficient removal of ANY football...

The SMC Emergency Red Kit

The In 2Min or Less!® Authorized Emergency Kit Series The...

Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool (EVAT)

Vital Signs provide important patient information that can help sports...



From: $769.00 / year
Emergency Action Planning Application Easily create, maintain, and administer a...

Sports Emergency Care Training


|FLAWLESS| Module includes Legacy Module training and Emergency department staff...

Legacy Module

Legacy Module training includes SMC’s Core scenarios and Isolated Head...

Core + 4 Module

Core + 4 Module includes SMC’s Core scenarios and the...

Core Module

The Core Module includes SMC’s Emergency Action Plan Essential Elements....

Custom Module

First mSim® Live Stream or In-house simulation scenario

SMC Scheduled Program Events!

Looking for BOC  backed training opportunities to end 2021? Follow...


Products not found

Facility Rental

Simulation/Debriefing Venue

Access to both the Simulation and Conference/Debriefing venues First 4hrs,...

Simulation Venue

Features approximately 30yards of turf, fully functional ambulance patient box,...


Our catering area provides everything a caterer will need to...

Conference Room

Seats up to 25 participants classroom style.  Large conference table...
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