Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool (EVAT)

Vital Signs provide important patient information that can help sports medicine professionals make critical care decisions when they are properly interpreted. Sports Medicine Concepts’ Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool provides a simple, yet organized sideline approach to trend traditional vital signs and other signs and symptoms that are useful in making critical acute care decisions, life-saving differential diagnosis, monitoring important vital signs prior to arrival of EMS, and providing a more accurate vital sign record to emergency room personnel.

Sports Medicine Concepts’ Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool provides for earlier recognition of:

  • Epidural and subdural hematoma
  • Rising intracranial pressure
  • Hemo/pneumothorax
  • Internal trauma
  • Shock
  • Respiratory distress
  • Life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia
  • Hypo/hyperglycemia
  • Anaphylaxis



Enhanced Vital Signs Assessment Tool (EVAT)

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