Sports Medicine Concepts has programming developed to meet the specific needs of professional team medical, collegiate team medical, national and international organizations, outreach providers, and hospitals.

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|FLAWLESS| Module includes Legacy Module training and

  • Emergency department staff training
  • Emergency action plan audit
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • TeamProfile set-up/update for TeamEMSoft® subscribers
  • 8 evidence-based Continuing Education Credits.


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  • SMC’s Core Training Scenarios + Legacy

    SMC’s Core represents the foundation of appropriate sports emergency care competency, and therefore, are a part of all formal training modules.

    EAP EssentialsCritical Care Triangle, CABiN check, Collaboration, Interdisciplinary team dynamics, Leadership
    High Quality CPRBLS, ACLS, SCA, Commotio Cordis
    Vital Sign TrendingUse of monitors, trend analysis
    On-Field Neurological Injury AssessmentSMC’s Progressive On-Field Neurological Assessment Algorithms (PONAA), Head injury differential diagnosis
    Safe HandlingRepositioning, transfer, package, transport, SMI vs. SMR
    Isolated Head TraumaSeizure, Status, Airway management, RSI
    Truncal Trauma with HypotensionPneumo/Hemothorax, Cardiac contusion, Liver, Spleen, Kidney
    Bleeding EmergenciesTourniquet, blood stopping agents/compress, blood borne pathogens and other potentially infectious material handling
    Fracture / DislocationOpen fracture, splinting, reduction
  • Select Your Training Delivery Mode*
  • The training program fees include training for the first 25 participants.

    Additional $199 per person fee above 25.  On-Site and In-House programming sessions are capped at 35 to ensure that all participants receive appropriate simulation training and effective debriefing.  Additional program sessions can be added to accommodate larger groups.

    • 199 $
  • Would you like to Enhance your module by adding Additional Simulation Experience Scenarios?

    $1350 for each additional scenarios. Select from the options below. 

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