The SMC Emergency Red Kit

The In 2Min or Less!® Authorized Emergency Kit Series

The RedKit®: AHA COVID-19 BLS Compliant

The In 2Min or Less!® Sports Emergency Care RedKit® was developed based on the feedback and needs of the thousands of leading experts completing In 2Min or Less!® programming since 1995.  The In 2Min or Less!® RedKit® includes everything an athletic trainer needs to provide a high level of pre-hospital BLS care for respiratory and cardiac emergencies prior to the arrival of EMS.

Red Carrying Bag, Trauma Shears, 3 Pack and Fill Towels, Heart Rate/BP Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Glucose Monitor with lancets and testing strips, Valved Holding Chamber, Non-rebreather Mask, Cervical Collar, Bite Stick, Suction Pump, OPA Kit, NPA Kit, Bag Valve Mask, PPE, SMC’s Enhanced Vital Signs Trending Assessment Tool, SMC’s FMXtractor, and a power screwdriver.



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