Concussion Management

HiSMCReslogo_webAs we continue to strive to provide the highest level of educational programming we are continuously reviewing literature.  When we find practically relevant or seminal works, we pass them on.  Here are a few of our latest findings.



Position and Consensus Statements

Consensus_Statement_on_Concussion_in_Sport_3rd 11

Sideline Management of

Sample emergency department discharge form

Rehabilitation of

Leddy NeuroRehab | Leddy Rehab of PCS
Great reads explaining the fundamental basis for exercise prescription in the treatment of post-concussion syndrome.


BESS manual 310
Very good review of proper protocol for conducting the Balance Error Score assessment.


Return to Learn

Adolescent and Pediatric Return to Learn

Return to Play

Adolescent and Pediatric Rehab Strategies

Leddy Reliability of GXT
Excellent article describing the use of a graded exercise protocol in return to play decision-making.