Easily create, maintain, and administer a best practice venue specific emergency action plan program for every venue.

Benefits of TeamEMSoft™

  • Hassle Free Best Practice Compliance
    • 24/7/365 oversight from the leading sports emergency care authority ensures compliance with the highest best-practice standards, saving you hours of costly oversight
  • Standardized Preparedness
    • Standard EAP formatting provides for consistent preparedness at all venues without encroaching on autonomous decision making
  • Venue and Team Specific EAPs
    • Easily create and update venue specific EAPs for every sport and every venue, home and away!
  • Enhances Communication and sharing of information
    • Easily access and share vital EAP information directly from your desktop or from the field to easily complete annual reviews, conduct pre-event medical meetings, review emergency medical rosters, and provide vital response procedural overviews!
  • Promotes Education and Awareness
    • Enhance annual EAP training and review with staff, EMS, and team physicians, and help everyone be better prepared to respond as a team.

Features of TeamEMSoft™

  • Quarterly Evidence Based Updates
    • Quarterly evidence-based updates ensure 24/7/365 compliance with the highest best-practice standards!
  • Comprehensive EAP Document
    • A systematic literature review that is the foundation of the TeamEMSoft™ application. This document is content rich, including demonstration videos, webinar links, and ancillary didactic materials!
  • TeamProfile
    • Serves to store vital EAP intel and automatically updates all your EAP documents!
  • Custom Venue EAP Creator
    • Create and save venue specific EAPs for away competitions during post-season play or for other staff and facilities where team medical may not always be available!
  • Conditional Protocol Library
    • TeamEMSoft™ includes specific best-practice protocols for environmental stress, equipment removal, sickle-cell, hypoglycemia, asthma/anaphylaxis, high-quality CPR, blood borne pathogens, mental health crisis management, and more!
  • Sharing
    • Share your EAPs with team medical, visiting team medical personnel, coaches, and others to facilitate completion of the pre-event medical meeting and enhance preparedness!
  • Mapping, Directions, and Hotline Auto-Dialing
    • Identify rendezvous locations, instant navigation to receiving facilities, and auto-dial EAP team members!
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