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I founded SMC in 1995 as a direct result of an experience I had managing a critically injured athlete early in my career as an athletic trainer.  I remember the fear in the athlete’s eyes as I watched him lose consciousness.  I remember sensing how scared he and his family must have been as they wondered if we were going to be able to help him.  As health care providers we did not do a good job that day.  In spite of our poor management, the athlete made a full recovery; and I swore I would never put another son, daughter, mom, or dad in that situation again.  There is a risk associated with participation in athletics.  The immeasurable rewards, however, far outweigh those risks.  I founded SMC to make sure that risk stays somewhere down low in the weeds. 

The SMC staff’s dedication to our mission is grounded in our shared experiences in management of sports’ worst moments and a commitment to mediate future outcomes.  It is because of our unique approach to curriculum development, extensive experience in simulation training, pragmatic philosophy, and our drive to improve outcomes that the most demanding medical teams in the country look to Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc. to ensure they are Prepared to Respond Flawlessly!


Mike Cendoma
CEO / Dir of Operations

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SMC’s elite sports emergency care training center has been purposely designed to provide visitors the most true-to-life simulation training experience possible.  The facility boasts 30 yards of indoor turf that can be transformed into any type of playing surface, including ice and a combat sports ring.  The facility also has a fully functional ambulance simulator, a mock trauma bay, a corps of 6 hi-fidelity patient simulators, advanced debriefing technology, and vast content production capabilities.  The purpose of SMC’s elite sports emergency care training center is to conduct research and intelligence gathering that leads to improved outcomes by providing interdisciplinary medical teams with an immersive training experience along the entire spectrum of care and to support the informative products and services within SMC’s |FLAWLESS| SUITE.


The |FLAWLESS| Suite is home to SMC products and services designed to inform your emergency action plans and keep your medical team ready to perform when called on to manage sports’ worst moment.  Products and services in the FLAWLESS| SUITE are borne out of our unique and rigorous evidence-based approach to ensure that all products and services within exceed all current best practice standards.


“The course offered by Sports Medicine Concepts was extremely beneficial. It helped us make our process more efficient and run smoother. SMC did a great job looking at our process and helping us tweak it to make it the best it could be.”

Geoff Kaplan ATC, LAT, PT, SCS, CSCS Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Texans

“I’m glad we had the 2 Minutes or Less practice this summer, I was (unfortunately) able to successfully put it into practice. We worked together with EMS and as ATs to make the athlete are primary focus–I’ve never had to use the skills before in a real-life situation but knowing we’d practiced it as a group, made me feel more confident and helped in the care of that athlete. Just thought I’d let you know that some of that extra training has paid off…”

Jason Pequette, MS, ATC, CSCS Director of Sports Medicine, ATI Physical Therapy

“In 2 Minutes or Less is the top program that helps Physicians, Athletic Trainers, and emergency medical personnel prepare for life threatening injuries. As an orthopaedic surgeon and head team physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I strongly encourage all staff that may be involved in sports at any level to participate in this program. While we all are comfortable with and have well defined plans to take care of common musculoskeletal injuries, it’s preparing and practicing for these rare life threatening injuries that deserves the most attention. In 2 Minutes or Less helped us define roles, work through potential problems and provided real time situational management of an athlete at risk. I look forward to working with SMC between every NFL season to keep us best prepared to manage our athletes.”

Kevin Kaplan,MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
Head Team Physician Jacksonville Jaguars

“In 2 Minutes or Less™ is the best program out there to prepare athletic trainers for life-threatening situations. This past fall, I personally had an incident at a football game where I used the skills that I learned from the program to save an athlete’s life. In 2 Minutes or Less™ uses a hands-on approach to simulate emergency situations that we may encounter, and adds the pressure of completing the task in two minutes or less. I cannot thank the creators of In 2 Minutes or Less™ enough for creating a program that allows us to practice our skills as athletic trainers and builds our confidence to help an athlete that is facing a life-threatening situation.”

Katie Spencer, ATC Outreach Athletic Trainer for ATI Physical Therapy

“By far one of the best hands on courses an AT can take. Mike and his crew are top notch professionals. Well worth it!”

Jason Bouton, ATC Fairchester Athletic Association
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